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CLICKERS COALITION - Photographers Tour


Samuel and I have designed Clickers Coalition to give you that extra boost that will make you feel comfortable and prepared for your next couples’ sessions. This photo tour will give you the opportunity to capture exactly what we all need and seek, a portfolio of breathtaking and emotion filled images. This day is all about creating, sharing and growing.

You’ll get to practice techniques on how to get couples comfortable, prompts to make them interact naturally and ways to play with light, all with minimal and casual instruction along the way.

You’ll blow your mind with your own work!

How does it work?

We’ll start the day with coffee, while our awesome team of makeup artists work their magic on the couples. We’ll take you to fun locations with real couples who are truly in love. You’ll get to watch us direct them for a few shots and then it’s all about you and your creativity. No pressure, we’ll all be there to suggest ideas and keep the ball rolling! You’ll have a total of 5 sessions by the end of the day and a ton of experience.

Why should I take this tour?

Clickers Coalition is a great way to create images that will attract your ideal clients. This will be a safe space to make mistakes, fix them, try new ideas and find what works best for you and your couples. It will prepare you for real sessions, weddings and bring home crazy romantic photos.

S E E Y O U T H E R E !

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