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Our two main reasons for creating these presets:

1. To provide presets that work for white, brown, black, and all skin colors. We embrace diversity. These presets allow skin tones to look naturally soft + gives a golden look that doesn’t turn orange like carrots. 

2. To “make greens, green again”.


As photographers, we focus on emotion + art.

We worked hard to come up with presets that would help you find your own style and inspire you to create and develop your art. We don’t want you to settle to fit with the rest. We want to help you to find your own “voice”. That’s why, although our presets are so easy to use, at the same time they are incredibly versatile.

These are custom presets compatible with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. We think you will really love how easy these are to use, especially if you’re looking to quickly and efficiently set a mood to your images.



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